1. Remote Cloud Card for UPS Management:  NetAgentW
  2. SNMP Card for UPS:  NetAgentA   |   NetAgent9   |   NetAgent Mini
  3. UPS Remote Control & Management Software:  UPSilon Series   |   RUPS Series
  4. Remote Power Control:  MSNswitch   |   NetSwitch Master
  5. Network Device & Others:  NetFeeler II   |   NetProbe 2   |   NET101


For further details or specific questions, please send an email to our Sales Personnel or fax in your request to +886-2-8792-2066.   We will revert to you as soon as possible.


NetAgentW :- Remote Cloud Card for UPS Management

Internal card

(Model: DW811)

1-port internal card

(Model: DW812)




  • Simple setup and use
  • WiFi Connection
  • Clear interface to view instant status
  • Real-time alert and notification
  • Logs for troubleshooting
  • Multi-languages supported
  • Secure Web and APP portal to access and monitor UPS from any Internet connected device
  • Shutdown remote server without any software installation
  • Firmware upgradable


Download brochure: NetAgentW.jpg

Download QIG: [Follow this link]


For more information about NetAgentW product please e-mail us .

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NetAgentA :- SNMP Card for UPS

Internal w/2 USB

(Model: BA506)

Internal w/USB card

(Model: CA506)

Internal w/mini USB card


Internal w/USB card





  • LAN Interface 10M/100M/1000M
  • Support RADIUS ; LDAP ; BACnet ; Syslog
  • USB port to support WiFi dongle ; GPRS modem; Relay card ; EMD sensor
  • Notification by email; SMS ; SNMP Trap ; Skype ; WeChat
  • Scheduling remote shutdown
  • Support Modbus on TCP/ Modbus on RS485
  • SNMPView Lite supported, monitor up to 9 UPS simultaneously on webpage
  • Firmware upgrade via software or FTP or web
  • Multi-Languages supported


NetAgentA: Network Diagram:



Download specification: [Follow this link]


For more information about NetAgentA product please e-mail us .

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NetAgent9 :- SNMP Card for UPS

1-port internal card

(Model: DY801)

1-port internal card

(Model: CY504)

1-port external





  • Comprehensive UPS management with flexible configuration via Web Browser, NMS, Telnet or SNMP.
  • Support advance encryption: HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3
  • Centralized authentication by Radius
  • Event notification via E-mail, SMS or Trap
  • Support NetFeeler II (environment monitoring) with temperature, humidity, water presence, smoke and door/window sensors
  • Support USB Wifi 802.11b/g, USB flash disk / external USB HDD, compatible USB camera & more...
  • Support UPS MIB, RFC1628, PPC MIB
  • Support GPRS modem
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Real-time UPS monitoring
  • Schedule periodic UPS self-test
  • Record event / data log
  • Graceful mult-server shutdown
  • Battery test log, and more...
IPv6 Certification


NetAgent9: Network Diagram:


NetAgent9 supports the following UPS protocols;
  • MegaTec Single Phase
  • MegaTec Three Phase
  • PhoenixTec
  • SEC 2400 / 9600
  • SEC Three Phase
  • Smart APC
  • Powerware 9110
  • Emerson


Download brochure: NetAgent9_pg1.jpg    |    NetAgent9_pg2.jpg


For more information about NetAgent9 product please e-mail us .

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NetAgent Mini:- SNMP Card for UPS




External w/LCD

(Model No. DY532)


(Model No. DY522)


(Model No. DY520)

Web interface

Network Diagram



NetAgent Mini is an ultra-compact, light and fast tool to remotely monitor and manage any UPS system.  It can work with any SNMP compatible NMS, perform multi-servers shutdown with ClientMate (Freeware for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD OS), auto-send notifications, display real-time input-output status, battery status, current UPS temperature and much more.  NetAgent Mini supports multiple language and is setup for web-based auto language detection.


Download brochure: NetAgent9_pg1.jpg    |    NetAgent9_pg2.jpg

Download user manual: [Follow this link]

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UPSilon Series :- Software to Monitor and Control RS232 Smart UPS

The UPSilon series allows monitoring and control of RS232 UPS running on either Windows & Novell NetWare (with UPSilon2000) or Unix (with UPSilon for Unix) operating system. 


UPSilon displays the status of UPS (e.g. voltage, frequency, load and etc.) digitally and graphically.  The UPSilon2000 for Windows will auto detect the OS current language and is available in the following language (more added progressively).



Download product brochure: Front  Back



RUPS Series :- Software to Monitor and Control Contact Closure DB9 UPS

The RUPS series is a software to monitor and control DB9 UPS running on either Windows & Novell NetWare (with RUPS2000) or Unix (with RUPS for Unix / Plus) operating system. 


RUPS gives you total control over your UPS and OS by allowing real-time remote monitoring of UPS, perform graceful shutdown when AC fails, auto-save opened files, auto send notifications to pager or email and etc.  The RUPS2000 for Windows will auto detect the OS current language and is available in many languages (more added progressively)



Download product brochure: Front  Back



MSNswitch :- Auto Power-cycle Outlet when Internet Connection is Lost!

North American socket

(Type B, NEMA 5-15R)

Model: UIS-522B

British socket

(Type G, BS1383)

Model: UIS-523G

Schuko socket

(Type F, CEE 7/4)

Model: UIS-523F

French socket

(Type E, CEE 7/6)

Model: UIS-523E

Swiss socket

(Type J, SEV 1011)

Model: UIS-523J

Denmark socket

(Type K, 107-2-D1)

Model: UIS-523K

Australian socket

(Type I, AS/NZS3112, CCC)

Model: UIS-522i



MSNswitch is designed to automatically power-cycle its outlet when either; a) the internet connectivity is lost, or b) the network device crashes.  It acts like a watch-dog, making sure that the network device monitored is responding.


It is useful for auto-resetting router / modem to regain connectivity. Technician can also use MSNswitch to remotely turn On / Off / Reset power.  MSNswitch is an functional addition for system integrators, internet service providers, VoIP / ITP providers, or simply for xDSL users with IP phone / IP camera / personal web server.



  • One press protect, no internet setup required.
  • Functional out of the box!
  • Maintain a continuous internet connection by resetting power to outlets when internet freezes
  • Control outlets using either; browser or Google Talk (Hangout)
  • Option to PING LAN IP or WAN IP
  • Easy to locate in LAN using hostname, just type http://MSNswitch
  • Schedule ON / OFF, by day / by time.
  • Perform sequential power ON / OFF
  • Free Domain Name service
  • Sends e-mail notifications


MSNswitch Network Setup:


MSNswitch is primarily designed to for monitoring router responsiveness.  The setup is a simple 1-2-3 process of;

1. Connect the Router Power input and the LAN cable to MSNswitch. 

2. Check internet LED is blinking to show that internet is accessible.

3. Press 'UIS On/Off', and MSNswitch does the monitoring! 


No need to install software or go thru setup wizards!


MSNswitch will constantly make a check on a number of sites and should the network connection be lost or overloaded resulting in severe lag.  MSNswitch will automatically reset the outlet, thereby resetting the Router and Modem (if connected).


For more settings and features, user can log into MSNswitch comprehensive web user interface ("UI").  In LAN, simply type the product name http://MSNswitch.  There is no need to know MSNswitch LAN IP!


From the UI, user can;

  • Configure the PING sites, the outlet reset interval, how the two outlet resets and more.
  • Configure the network settings for remote access.
  • Configure e-mail notification
  • Set account login and passwords for Administrator or Viewer
  • Configure Google Talk function
  • Schedule power On / Off / Reset
  • save settings and change language.


Visit MSNswitch website at


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NetSwitch Master :- The Solution to Remote Power Management

NetSwitch master

Front: NetSwitch Master


NetSwitch US socket

Back: 8x NEMA 5-15R socket



Front: NetSwitch

NetSwitch EU socket

Back: 8x IEC320R sockets



NetSwitch Master is a remote power management device.  It is integrated with NetAgent9 platform to provide a sensible solution to manage your power needs.  This power nerve centre allows you to power on/off/reset your electrical devices either through a network connection, hardware button to each outlet or by telephone.


NetSwitch Web UIIt has an easy to use web interface with online help and support many languages.  Each outlet can have an independent schedule and they can perform systematic shut-down or power-ups.  This save administrator time, money and prevent overloading the mains.  Customized TRAPs and email alerts can be sent based on predefined criteria.


When connected to a compatible UPS, NetSwitch Master can be used to remotely manage and control the UPS.  It can also be setup to automatically turn on/off when UPS event occurs (eg. when power fail, battery low, etc..).  Connect NetFeeler II and the outlets can be configured to turn on/off when event is triggered Connect other RF sensors like smoke, gas, PIR, door and window to provide additional control.


Each NetSwitch Master can control power to 8 electrical devicesUp to 16 units can be daisy chained to provide control over 128 devices.  Each such configuration will have one NetSwitch Master unit and 15 NetSwitch (slave) units. 



  • Turn on/off/reset any or all NetSwitch outlets via network GUI, phone or manually on-site.

  •  Equipped with master switch and protected by circuit breaker.

  •  Daisy-chain 16units to control a total of 128 outlets.

  •  Set sequential or scheduled power on/off/reset to each outlet

  • Support all functions available in NetAgent9

  •  Connect compatible UPS for real-time remote monitoring, management & control. Perform UPS self-tests.

  •  Add on NetFeeler II to monitor temperature, humidity, water presence, smoke, PIR, security and other RF sensors.

  •  Turn on/off outlet when a UPS or NetFeeler II event occurs or resolved.

  •  Perform safe shutdown to allow software time to save & exit.

  •  Perform sequential or safe reboot to avoid overloading mains.

  •  Event notification via e-mail, SMS or trap.

  •  Support multi-user management, event logs and data log downloads.

  •  Add IP address mask to prevent unauthorised access to GUI.

  •  Support UBS Wifi 802.11 b/g and USB flash disk.

  •  Centralized authentication by Radius.

  •  Support advance encryption: HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3.

  •  Perform multiple PC shutdown using ClientMate when AC fails or battery is low.

  •  Available in 115VAC (15A max output) and 230VAC (7A max output)


Network Diagram:

NetSwitch Network 1/4NetSwitch Network 2/4NetSwitch Network 3/4NetSwitch Network 4/4


 Download brochure: Introduction / Specification sheet

For more information about NetSwitch please e-mail us .

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NetFeeler II :- Environment Sensor






NetFeeler II


NetFeeler II with NetAgent II or NetAgent9

NetFeeler II with NetSwitch Master




NetFeeler II is designed as an add-on device for either; NetAgent II (3 port model), NetAgent9 (3 port model), NetSwitch Master or iCAMView PRO.  It can also be used directly with a PC (Protocol provided. User to program own interface).


When a NetFeeler II is added, the respective device is then able to:

  • buzz when a RF sensor is triggered.
  • send an e-mail notification when an event occurs via the respective device
  • allow monitoring of environment change via a browser
  • Set data update intervals
  • Support SNMP and sending of TRAP
  • Support multiple server shutdown for Windows & Linux Operating Systems when trash-hold is reached.



  • Ability to detect changes in temperature, humidity and detects the presence of water
  • built-in radio frequency (RF) receiver for use with compatible sensors (sold separately)
  • Support up to 7 uniquely ID'd RF door/window sensors
  • Support smoke (photoelectric / ionization) and gas sensors
  • Support passive infrared ("PIR") sensors for motion detection
  • Support glass-break sensor



Detection Range: -40°C to +70°C
Accuracy: ±3.0°C
Response Time 10 seconds in moving air
Detection Range: 0 to 100% relative humidity non-condensing
Accuracy ±3% relative humidity
Response Time 10 seconds in moving air
Temperature range -40°C to 75°C
Wireless Specification
Wireless Transmission Range 30 Meters with clear Line-of-Sight
Frequency 315Mhz


starNetFeeler II (ME-PK-621C) has replaced NetFeeler Mini (ME-PK-621C2) and NetFeeler Lite.


Download brochure: NetFeelerLite.edm.06.jpg

Download user manual: NetFeeler2_ENv10_9722.pdf


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NetProbe 2 :- Web-Based 8 Channel Sensor Collector

NetProbe 2

(Model No.: NP02)

Current Status

Signal Detection Range

Data Log

Network Diagram

NetProbe 2 is a sensor which can collect data from up to 8 channels of DC analog inputs or 4 channels of dry contact inputs.  It supports PDA, GPRS, WAP and various TCP/IP protocols such as SNMP, SMTP, PPPoE, DDNS, SNTP, BootP, DHCP and the like.  With this product, the user can remotely monitor, control these devices, check temperature, humidity and sent trap notification over the internet.


Download brochure: 800x600

Download user manual: [Follow this link]


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NET101 :- RS232/422/485 to Ethernet Converter


(Model No.:NC01)

Master Setup



Dual Connection

NET101 allow serial devices (such as card reader, barcode reader, testing machine, CNC, PLC, data collectors, PBX machine, UPS and the like) to be connected to a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Network without having to modify the existing hardware or software.  It is able to transmit data up to 115kbps.  The RS232 / RS422 / RS 485 (Half / Full duplex) connections can be extended to the internet by connecting two NET101 at either ends.


Download brochure: 800x600

Download user manual: [Follow this link]


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