NetAgentW: Remote Cloud Card for UPS Management

NetAgentW series...


NetAgentW is the new series of Cloud solution for UPS. Through the intuitive interface of secure web portal or mobile APP, it allows the user to perform UPS remote monitoring and management much easier and effectively.


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NetAgent: Web-Based SNMP Card for UPS

NetAgentA series...


NetAgentA is the latest in MegaTec series of SNMP cards. Forged with a more powerful CPU and kernel allows this model to do much more.


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NetAgent9 series...


NetAgent9 is the web-based SNMP card solution for UPS that supports latest encryptions of HTTPS, SSH, SNMPv3..etc to allow user to monitor the UPS remotely


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NetAgent Mini series...


NetAgent Mini is designed as an ultra-compact and convenient tool to remotely monitor and manage UPS system.  The small form factor makes it ideal for use on UPS with limited space or where the outlook will be affected by a large form factor.


NetAgent Mini support SNMP compatible NMS, auto-send notifications, display real-time input-output status, battery status, current UPS temperature and much more. 


Use with ClientMate (Freeware for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MAC or VMware OS) to perform multi-servers shutdown. 


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UPS Remote control and Management Software

UPSilon series...


The UPSilon series is a software designed to monitor and control RS232 'smart' UPS.  UPSilon provides numerical and graphical display of the UPS current status (eg.: voltage, frequency, load and etc.)


The MegaTec UPSilon series are available as; UPSilon2000 (for Windows or Novell NetWare O/S) or, UPSilon for Unix.


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RUPS series...


The RUPS series is a software designed to monitor and control DB9 'contact closure' UPS.  RUPS features; rapidly control of UPS via real-time feed back,

perform graceful shutdown when AC fails, auto-save opened files, auto send notifications to pager or email and etc.


The MegaTec RUPS series are available as; RUPS2000 (for Windows or Novell Netware O/S) or, RUPS for Unix


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MSNswitch: Automatically Power-Cycle Unresponsive Network Device (Watch-dog)

Are you tired of resetting your router?   Internet always get disconnected?   Wish you can remotely reset your router or device? 


Here's the solution! MSNswitch.  MSNswitch is an intelligent power outlet designed to minimize internet downtime due to router / hub / modem freeze-up. The system acts by resetting...  


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NetSwitch Master: The Solution to Remote Power Management

NetSwitch Master is a remote power control unit integrated with NetAgent9 platform.  This power nerve centre gives you control over your electrical devices either through a network connection, modem dial-up or a telephone.  Once connected user can reset, power up / down connected devices, and much more ...


Each NetSwitch Master is designed to provide remote control of power to up to 8 electrical devices per unit.


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NetFeeler II:  Environment Sensor


NetFeeler II is designed as an add-on device for either; NetAgent II (3 port model), NetAgent9 (3 port model), Remote Power Manager or iCAMView PRO.  It can also be used directly with a PC (Protocol provided. User to program own interface).


NetFeeler II detects changes in temperature, humidity and detects the presence of water.  It has a built-in RF receiver for use with compatible sensors. For example: RF smoke sensor, RF gas sensor, RF door/window sensors, RF PIR sensor, RF glass break sensor and etc. 


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NetProbe 2:  Web-Based 8 Channel Sensor Collector

NetProbe Lite2 is a sensor which can collect data from up to 8 channels of DC analog inputs or 4 channels of dry contact inputs.  NetProbe Lite2 allows user to remotely monitor, control devices, check temperature, humidity and send trap notification over the internet.


It supports PDA, GPRS, WAP and various TCP/IP protocols such as SNMP, SMTP, PPPoE, DDNS, SNTP, BootP, DHCP and the like.  


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NET101:  RS232 / 422 / 485 to Ethernet Converter

NET101 allow serial devices (such as card reader, barcode reader, testing machine, CNC, PLC, data collectors, PBX machine, UPS and the like) to be accessible thru ethernet without having to modify the existing hardware or software.


NET101 is able to transmit data up to 115kbps.  The RS232 / RS422 / RS 485 (Half / Full duplex) connections can be extended to the internet by connecting two NET101 at either ends (tunneling). 


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